Kindness Challenge – Day 9

Day 9: Buy some extra items and donate them to a local food bank

My son is cub scout. Every year they do a program called “lunch for the break.” It fills back packs with easy to make food supplies for kids who may not have enough at home while school is not in session.

The hubs is supposed to handle all scout related items but I got this one covered.

Mac and Cheese, PC and J, oatmeal, cereal, chili, soup, and spaghetti o’s. Not the highest nutrition but something a kid can microwave for themselves and not go hungry.

How about you? Grab a few extra items? You can also do the quick buy a bag at most grocery stores for ten bucks.

If you don’t know what I am talking about with the whole Kindness Challenge, you can find the calendar here. All normal posts will resume in January. Enjoy the time off. Enjoy the kindness. Practice a little yourself.


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