I’ve been thinking Thursday: I think my head is broken

Last week I got an email from an anthology I was asked to submit to. I wrote a twisted little short about an energy demon trapped on Earth. Anyway, the anthology accepted the story.

I wasn’t even happy. My brain immediately started going on about how it’s not like this was going to help me gain readership.

What is that about? It’s like my writing career is stuck permanently in the negative. I keep moving forward, doing all the things people say you should do. Act positively. Only, I don’t think I really believe it will create a positive outcome. Ergo, my head is broken.

Do you have anything in your life that causes a disconnect? Your actions and your beliefs are at total odds?

7 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking Thursday: I think my head is broken

  1. I seem to nearly always feel optimistic with general hope that good efforts will bring something good. (Though the final good thing is not always what I thought it would be.) I think I see it like a great big puzzle. Each thing you do helps to create something bigger and you don’t really know what the final picture looks like. Some pieces are just those endless blue sky pieces that don’t seem to contribute much to the image, but all of the pieces need to be there in the end for the picture to come through clearly and make all the little pieces become one big beautiful one.

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