Fiendish Friday: The Doctor is in

I’m not sure what it is about me that makes people share their deepest darkest secrets. Maybe I just seem safe. Or maybe they read the total lack of judgement in my eyes. Maybe  I’m just really good at the gentle eyes and mild head nod thing. But2016-09-01 12.30.11.jpg I hear stuff.

From the CFO who shouldn’t have told me things that could have got us in trouble for insider trading to my FIL who asked me to tell my husband he had a new girlfriend, LOL.

My husband is convinced I missed my calling as a therapist. I think if I’d become a shrink I would have ended up hearing too much of the wrong things from people who shouldn’t talk and the next thing you know I’m on the run from the CIA or wearing cement boots in the ocean. LOL

But the other day I took the kiddo to MOHAI and I couldn’t help but pose for this….

The Doctor is in, tell me all your deep dark secrets….

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