Wednesday Writer’s Update

I’m off to spend the day in Portland with the kiddo, a friend, and her kiddo. The friend and I are both foodies and Portland is a mecca of amazing food. To quote Hercule Poirot, the great sadness of my life (on days like these) is that you can eat but three times a day. LOL

We’re also going to Washington Park. maybe the zoo, maybe the children’s museum, maybe the arboretum. Maybe the forestry center. That’s the cool thing about Washington Park.

We’ll definitely hit Powells. Some day they’ll carry my books. LOL

So a quick update on my world:

My first 6 week session curriculum is 70% done. Haven’t started any other sessions yet.

I just realized I owe my script for Bard and Starlett by tomorrow.

I am struggling to find programming teachers for classes we have students for because our previous teacher, cough cough Microsoft, backed out over the summer.

I’ve mulling over my  beta feedback on my spy novel. There is a lot of dichotomy that needs to be resolved. People seem to want different kinds of novels. I need to sort out what kind of novel I want and look at the changes people who are shaping in that direction want to see, if that makes sense. My brain is working on it.

I owe Beta to my nephew. By the weekend. sigh.

I have to send nasty grams on behalf of the pool board to the members who still haven’t paid their second half dues, which were due July 1. Seriously people?

But a lot of that work, actually makes me happy. It’s what matters to me. I care about the coop, I want to be writing again, and god knows I wanted someone to encourage and help me when I was my nephew’s age.

Just that last item can go away. LOL

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