Wednesday Writers Goals: 2017

Happy Wednesday to you. I made no resolutions this year. Instead I choose to set goals. I think enough people have talked about the difference between the two that I don’t need to drone on about it.

Writers Goals:

1. Publish my Spy Novel in March.

Encourage beta readers to get their feedback in. Finish editing. Pick a name. Work with artist on cover design. Arrange blog tour. Pre market. Publish.

2. Marketing – something new each month

Sort through notes of other people’s research to identify the marketing opportunities that will work best for my book. Try a new one each month.

3. Take a break from writing until when I dream I’m writing I don’t wake up in a cold sweat.

I will still blog 3-4 times a week. Never fear.

Non Writing Goals:

1. Up Yoga to 6 times per week.

Roll back my wake up time, 15 minutes per day, until up at 630. Impose one cup of coffee limit before getting on the mat.

2. Make more time for my friends.

Get a new sitter. Do not fill sitter hours with work related items for the last board I am serving.


Hrm. I am not doing much this year. And after 2016, that’s a good thing. Space and time is the goal. I need to bring the fun back, not just in my writing, but in my life on a daily basis. 2016 ground me down. I rebuild in 2017. Best wishes to you all.