Book Review: A Parfait Murder

Whenever I road trip, I require a lot of books on cd/ipod. Things that sound fun at the library turn out to be super boring on the road. Or the reader is one of those who uses a different volume level for each character so you are constantly turning it up and down. I think I grabbed about 15 books before we left for our 5 state, 2 week family and friends tour this summer. While I hadn’t read anything else in the series by Wendy Lyn Watson, A Parfait Murder made it into the cd player.

Basic Summary (Courtesy of Goodreads):

When Tally’s cousin Bree spots her deadbeat ex-husband strolling the Lantana County Fair with a fat wallet and a vixen on his arm, she immediately files for back child support. But when his lawyer is found dead, things get a little sticky. Did Bree serve up a dish of cold, sweet revenge? Or is she another hapless victim of a parfait crime?

My thoughts:

It was predictable. I say that about a lot of books though, so maybe you should just start ignoring that part of my review. LOL.

The characters were fun. The Texan setting amusing. And really it kept me entertained for 6 hours of a pouring buckets drive across Idaho and Montana. I’d give it two thumbs up if I didn’t need to keep both hands on the wheel. LOL