Book Review: Delayed Justice

As I mentioned last week, I am in research mode. Delayed Justice: Inside Stories From America’s Best Cold Case Investigators by Jack and Mary Branson is less story and more how to. They use examples from solved cold case files handled by different police and federal agencies to suggest an appropriate method of solving cold cases.

The book itself was a touch repetitive outside of the things said by the detectives and agents they interviewed. This was definitively written for the arm chair detective who’s retired and got caught up in the true crime channel.

On the other hand, I took some really good notes for my novel. It’s a solid book that fills a very small niche. This is not popular reading in my opinion.

Fiendish Friday: Bad Decisions

So I’ve been watching various documentary investigative shows to get a feel for how cold cases are handled. More research. I do a lot of research.

I watched one recently where a guy turned up dead in an alley.

When they dig into his life they find he had been involved with a married woman for about nine months at the time of his death.


Then they find, this woman’s husband is an enforcer…

Double oopsie.

Wait for it,

For the largest cocaine distributor in Miami.


It’s amazing he lived as long as he did.

I’m wondering if he was suicidal? I mean, who gets involved with a woman under those circumstances?