Wednesday Words 2.7

Greetings and Salutations, long lost writing and reading friends.

I went on vacation. Two weeks no internet. Yup it can be done. It really can. Yes, I vaguely missed you all but come on – sun, sea, deck boys with trays of delicious alcoholic beverages…. If the hubs didn’t have that pesky job problem, I wouldn’t have come home.


But I’m back. The PacNW is slowly sucking my tan out of me with cold and rain. I have an appt for a pedicure later today and I’m not sure why I bother. My toes won;t be seeing the light of day let alone sun for the next 4 months minimum. LOL

Been reading a lot lately. Including some betas. I think, maybe, I might like fantasy when it’s done well in a modern (ish) setting. ROFL

So where am I at writing wise?

I decided to pen a couple of short stories in an attempt to get into a couple more anthologies this year. We’ll see how that goes.

I have a really momentous decision that is rolling around in the back of my head. But like those donate a quarter machines at the zoo, it just keeps rolling round and round, it’s own velocity keeping it from sliding down the hole. Maybe next time I’ll be ready to share.

How about you? What are you doing with those 50K words you spit out last November? Is your current work in progress hibernating in the winter cold or playing in the snow? Inquiring minds want to know…