Fiendish Friday: Sing!

I found myself singing in the car on my way coop. On a Monday no less. A Monday. And not just the cool songs. I was singing everything. And when the commercial came on, I stopped and took stock. Yep, I was feeling happy and content. Such a good place to be.

So what was different? Well I managed to yoga, shower, and home school my kiddo prior to leaving the house at 9. That’s nothing short of a miracle. Ok not exactly a miracle, more like daylight savings time. 720 became 620.

But I think the deep level of contentment has more to do with me giving up Zevia soda. I haven’t been able to drink diet soda for a long time. I am included in that 20% of the population who’s brain chemistry is drastically effected by diet soda. I get depressed, like clinically depressed, lock me up before I kill myself depress. So I don’t drink diet soda. I used to drink Zevia now and then with no issues but this fall I started to feel different about it and so gave it up for a couple of weeks.

I think the results sing for themselves, because I love rock and roll, put another dime in the jute box baby. LOL