Rone awards

Just a quick note as I am away road tripping with the kiddo.

The Rone award finalists were announced today: I did not make the cut.

I simply don’t have the fan base. This isn’t news but more the standard state of affairs. I have no idea how to help that along.

Open to suggestions…


Wednesday (No) Writing Update


I’m not at cafe.

I’m not writing.

I’m not processing my beta edits.

I’m not painting my house.

I’m not writing curriculum for the school year which starts in 6 weeks.

I’m not yoga every day.

I’m barely even showering regularly.

Although perhaps taken together┬ásome of these things aren’t so bad. LOL

It appears I have found my sense of humor again, maybe. I can’t be depressed if I’m still laughing at myself right?

Tell me a joke, make me laugh.