Fiendish Friday: Fitted Sheets

I keep seeing all these videos for “the easiest way to fold fitted sheets.” Um, ok. Except the videos are like 5 or 6 minutes long. Seriously? 5 or 6 minutes to fold one sheet? I did actually watch one. It was kind of funny, but after a typical day in my house(4 hours home school, 5 errands, 3 hours in traffic, most of it with the kiddo, make dinner, write a blog, consider working on my own novel, exhaustedly fall into bed with a book for review), five minutes to fold one sheet is crazy.

So to save you all some trauma and time, here is my method for folding a fitted sheet.

Grab a corner, check for the pillow case that will be hiding inside.

Repeat will the other three corners.

You should now have four corners in one hand.

Use your other hand to grab all the rest of the hanging material, fold it towards the hand with the corners, place on a shelf.

Bam, 16 seconds. Beat my record, I dare you.

PS. Points will be deducted if you miss one of the pillowcases in the corners.