Weekend Workshop Sunday Edition

Good morning. If you’ve missed a week or two I just started working from Everyday Editing by Jeff Anderson. This week I learned subordinating conjunctions with the fun AAAWWUBBIS. That’s After, Although, As, When, While, Until, Before, Because, If, Since; in case you missed it.

1. Find three beautiful examples of AAAWWUBBIS sentences. (I’m not sure what follows is beautiful but it is a representative cross section of what I’m reading right now. LOL)

As noted previously in section about enthymemes, people are made curious when presented with an ambiguous, unresolved, or incomplete message. – Seducing Strangers, Josh Weltman.

While the room emptied, I turned sideways to better shield Brigit from the moving crowd. – Laying Down the Paw, Diane Kelly.

When one of the best-known stagecoach drivers in California’s Wild West died, friends who’d known him and worked with him for years were astonished to find that he was not the person they thought he was! – The Ultimate book of Impostors, Ian Graham.

2. Write a 100 word free write with every sentence starting with an AAAWWUBBIS word.

If my son doesn’t stop wiggling about, it will be impossible for my complete this blog post. When he wiggles, my thought process gets completely derailed. Because nothing makes it harder to concentrate than a wiggly woo. Although I want to make him happy by cuddling with him, I am on a time crunch to get this blog post out. Because I got very little done this week due to house guests. When my house guests go home and tonight’s party is over, I will work ahead to get all the rest of my posts finished early.

3. Uncombine your exercise one sentences into as many basic sentences as you can, then recombine them in a new way. (This was not easy.)


You already read about about enthymemes.

People are curious.

People get more curious with an ambiguous, unresolved, or incomplete message.

Recombine: fail. I can’t come up with anything that isn’t the first sentence.


People left the room.

Brigit needed shielding from the crowd.

I turned sideways.

Recombine: I shielded Brigit as the crowd left the room.


A stagecoach driver died.

He was one of the best-known stagecoach drivers.

He drove in California.

California was the Wild West.

Friends who’d known him and worked with him for years were astonished.

He was not the person they thought he was!

Recombine: In California’s Wild West, friends and coworkers were astonished to find out how little they really knew about the man they considered one of the best stage coach drivers.

Post up your own free writes or sentences here, I’d love to read ’em.