Fiendish Friday: Respect

I realized after my son’s birthday party this has been a real hot button idea for me lately. I’m not sure why I feel completely disrespected but I do. Like I am unappreciated.

When my son dumps boxes of legos all over the floor, my immediate response is how disrespectful that is. How dismissive of my time and effort to clean them up so the room can be used as something other than a lego garage bin.

When  my father in law cheats at cards, I feel disrespected.

When the kids did not tell me something very unpleasant was going on outside in their game of hide and seek, I felt disrespected.

I suppose this is tied to those basic feelings of inadequacy I still struggle with. If I was a better person I would be more respected. Treated with some measure of respect. If I was a better person the boys wouldn’t have been threatening the girls with a garbage can full of their urine. Which seems….silly in stark gray and white. And yet haunts me…

It’s all very uncomfortable.