Book Review: Cheddar off Dead

Yes, I know, it has been a long slog of cozy mysteries but every time I go to a different library they have different series and we have 50 some odd libraries for me to choose from. Life is good in the rainy northwest, they know we need many many books when the snow starts to fly, which according to Grey’s Anatomy it does regularly in Seattle. ROFL

Back to Cheddar off Dead by Julia Buckley. I might have skipped this one if I had realized this was the same Julia Buckley who wrote one of the one star books I totally panned in the 4th quarter but I didn’t and I am super glad. This one was good. Funny.

Cheddar is the 2nd in the series starring Lilah as a secret chef. She cooks, you pretend it’s your food. She witnesses a murder. Again. And then because she’s chatty and talks to everyone and people tell her things…she uncovers the murderer. Lilah is likable. Her crazy family is likable.

I want to compliment this book but I don’t want to give away the who dun it. So let me try to phrase this in a way that covers all my bases. I read a lot of murder mysteries. Some cozy, some not so cozy, some true crime. So I know who the most likely suspect is, and Julia totally leads me down the garden path beautifully. I seriously did not know who dun it. Well, not until I was supposed to know.

℘℘℘℘- Four Stars, I totally would have killed it in one day but the kiddo came and demanded cuddles and by the time I got him back to sleep I was too tired to finish it. But I got up and finished it first thing the next morning. I will definitely keep an eye out for more books in this series.