Book Review: Maphead

I adore Ken Jennings. He has the same geeky sense of humor I do. I always find myself laughing in his books. Sometimes laughing so hard I can’t even explain to the hubs what I am laughing about. Maphead is pure Jennings amusement.

I picked this up thinking I might get a few nuggets of interesting information for the kiddos in my Geography class. I did that and a bit more. I was reading this in bed one night and I come across a paragraph where Jennings is interviewing someone. The interviewee says his wife is Afrikaner. And Jennings parenthetically comments, “I wonder if I would be able to resist the temptation to tell people my wife is a Boer instead.” I was rolling laughing. Laughing so hard my hubs had to take the book to read the joke himself because every time I tried to tell it I started with the laughing again.

It’s a geeky book. There’s no way around it but if you’ve ever been interested in maps, they fascinate me, then you’ll love the book. It has a total plethora of minutia and new things I didn’t know were even things. St Valentine’s Day Road Rally Massacre. Done completely in an atlas… The National Geographic Bee, did you know Washington State has won a full quarter of the time. It rains here, what else you gonna do…LOL

℘℘℘℘ – I’m torn between four pages and five. I did love this book and often completed more than 50 pages a day but at the same time it was thick and required processing, so I read other things in between my 50 pages a whack. But I adore Jennings and read everything he writes. 4.5 it is.

Book Review: Because I Said So!

This is not my first Ken Jennings rodeo. I suppose you could say I have a writerly crush on him. Not him, per se, his books. He always writes these humorous geeky little non fiction works that are vastly entertaining. Every time I see he’s come out with some new works I have to read them.  Because I Said So! is a review of all the things parents tell their children and whether it has any basis in science what so ever.

Like “Run between the raindrops, you won’t get so wet.” Well obvious one can’t run between raindrops but running is more effective than walking if you don’t have an umbrella because your overall time in the rain is less. Cool huh?

“You only use 10% of your brain.” Totally false, which is why you can just hammer and nail into your head and have everything be all good. Turns out you need all that gray matter.

Anyway, the book is funny and geeky, and totally validated my bathroom germ horror. LOL

℘℘℘℘ – Solid 4 pages. Finished it in just a few days with a smile on face every time I read it.