Wednesday Lego Monsters 3/30

I’m not at cafe right now. In fact as this posts, I am flying home from Southern California, where I just spent a few days at Lego Land with the kiddo and some friends.

I kept bird dogging the weather in the weeks before our departure. I was so excited to see it was going to be mid 70’s and sunny. Yes! A few days basking in warmth was exactly what the doctor ordered. Only…yeah.

It wasn’t quite like that. LOL. Cold, windy, and reoccurring showers. Apparently I imported my local weather to Lego land.

But for all that we had a good time. The kiddo rode his first real roller coaster. Loved it!! Then I took him to Tappan for the first time. So fun introducing kids to new things.

Anyway, can’t wait to tell you all about norwescon in April a to z challenge.