I’ve been thinking Thursday: The Tube

In the last pages of one my of favorite Agatha Christie books, The Secret of Chimneys, one of my favorite A.C. characters, Anthony Cade, says “My belief in the Brotherhood of man died the day I arrived in London last week, when I observed the people standing in a Tube train resolutely refuse to move up and make room for those who entered.”

We took the tube a lot in London. It gets you around quite quickly and the schedule is so functional, 2, 3, 4, four minutes for the next train beats standing in the rain for 25 waiting on a bus. LOL.

It was often crowded but only once did I have to force people to move so there would be room for the kiddo and I.

More importantly, I watched as three perfect strangers extended their hands to keep a man from falling over backwards and landing on the floor, and he was going down hard.

The Brotherhood of man is not dead. It just needs to be reminded every once in a while that we are all part of the same Brotherhood.