Book Review: Maphead

I adore Ken Jennings. He has the same geeky sense of humor I do. I always find myself laughing in his books. Sometimes laughing so hard I can’t even explain to the hubs what I am laughing about. Maphead is pure Jennings amusement.

I picked this up thinking I might get a few nuggets of interesting information for the kiddos in my Geography class. I did that and a bit more. I was reading this in bed one night and I come across a paragraph where Jennings is interviewing someone. The interviewee says his wife is Afrikaner. And Jennings parenthetically comments, “I wonder if I would be able to resist the temptation to tell people my wife is a Boer instead.” I was rolling laughing. Laughing so hard my hubs had to take the book to read the joke himself because every time I tried to tell it I started with the laughing again.

It’s a geeky book. There’s no way around it but if you’ve ever been interested in maps, they fascinate me, then you’ll love the book. It has a total plethora of minutia and new things I didn’t know were even things. St Valentine’s Day Road Rally Massacre. Done completely in an atlas… The National Geographic Bee, did you know Washington State has won a full quarter of the time. It rains here, what else you gonna do…LOL

℘℘℘℘ – I’m torn between four pages and five. I did love this book and often completed more than 50 pages a day but at the same time it was thick and required processing, so I read other things in between my 50 pages a whack. But I adore Jennings and read everything he writes. 4.5 it is.