First Quarter 2017 One Star Reviews

The Cat, The Collector, and the Killer – Leann Sweeney

Apparently this author is a New York Times Best Seller. I slogged through 89 pages but had to stop. Everyone is obsessed with cats. And the writing was not good. But mainly it was the cat thing.

If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance – Paige Shelton

This is a national best selling author or so her book tells me. It was barely ok but a few major things lowered it’s rating. First, the author spends a lot of time setting up the rules of her world, then breaks them with a whirly “this usually can’t happen but…” Um, no. And in a number of places the author contradicts things previously said. There are two mysteries running at the same time and they don’t get equal effort. So the lower priority mystery, where people are being held hostage, is revealed in a poof. And the long drawn out, time consuming mystery is solved in the “this usually can’t happen” manner. I will not be reading the other books in the series.

Cruel Intent – J.A. Jance

I see J.A. Jance’s books all over the place. I assumed they would be good. I wish I could pin point what was missing for me, but I just didn’t care about the plot or the characters. I felt no suspense what so ever. I read a 140 pages of this “suspense mystery” and I am returning it to the library without a care as to who dun it or if he will be caught. I just feel nothing about the book. Blah.

Third Quarter One Star Reviews

Sigh, it’s always so sad when a book disappoints. I mean it has to really fall flat for me to not even finish it. But over the last three months…

The 39 Clues, Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

I was so excited to read this. When I volunteered at my son’s elementary school library (for the three months he went public school), the kids were constantly checking this series out and telling me how cool it was. And I looked longingly at the books every time I was re-shelving them but I didn’t want to check them out from the school because they only had a few. So I started trying to get them from the local public library and it took me a while. I guess they’re super popular.

sigh. I just couldn’t get into the book. Boring. The kids just didn’t make me feel anything for them. Orphans. Raised by nannies. Should make me all maternal but no emotions surfaced. And the fact that everyone they come in contact with are evil was just over done. I gave up 80 pages in.

Karma’s A Killer by Tracy Weber

I feel super guilty about this one star review because I am sure it has nothing to do with the quality of the book. A murder mystery about yoga and dogs was just begging to be read. And I have to say I felt myself just about to get into it when it happened. The mother -daughter reunited after the mother was heinously bad moment. And I closed the book. I can’t, I just can’t.

A Dark and Stormy Murder by Julia Buckley

This proudly proclaims itself the first in a new series by the author who has another popular series. shrug. I found the plot contrived and totally unrealistic. The dialogue was flat and desperate to be witty but failing. And 82 pages in I found I was making excuses not to read it even though I needed to finish a book to review it for my blog by Monday. It goes back to the library unfinished and I don’t even care who done it.