Wednesday Words 5/17

With the editing of others: Blissfully not editing much right now. A little word smithing on the website. A few paragraphs rewritten for the hubs and friends. But that’s it; which is probably why….

With my own writing: I am editing like a maniac. LOL. It’s weird really diving into my spy novel because some of it was written 4 1/2 years ago. It was my first novel and it reads like it. I spend some serious time rewriting crutched sentences. LOL. I’ve edited to a happy place, 2 chapters this week.

Emotionally: I’m on the fence about this writing conference coming in October. Registration opens soon and I keep waffling back and forth between, just go and that’s a lot of money. Part of me knows I need to expand beyond Norwescon. It’s not my genre and I’ve gotten what I can there. I need to jump to a bigger pond. But I am a little afraid. New things make me nervous. LOL

Plus this conference offers the opportunity to sit down with agents and editors. I am both intrigued and horrified by this. Part of me thinks it would be super interesting just to see how the process might go and what they might say. And then part of me thinks, hello rejection.

Topic for debate on my writing: So as I clean things up, I find myself working hard to balance between removing crutch words and phrases and staying true to my voice.

What tricks and tips do you have for balancing this?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 5/17

  1. I have no tricks or tips. I am really excited to see the new 1st chapter.

    For October conference, don’t approach it as accepted or rejected. Go there as an adventure to see what it is like (which, by the way, is what you said you wanted to do before you mentioned being rejected!) Love you!

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