I’ve been thinking Thursday: Flipping the Switch

Howdy Y’all.

Why yes, I was in Texas recently. Why do you ask?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how you can see something one way and then in the blink of an eye *flip* you see it totally differently.

Earlier this week the President of the coop sent me, the chair of the scheduling co, some proposals for next year from people she recruited. Her comments were boiled down to these are fabulous teachers who would be a huge benefit to the coop.

Okay, I’ll take a gander.

They teach exactly what I teach, in fact several of their proposals are classes I already proposed for this upcoming year.

Oh, my giddy aunt.

Yup, she’s getting blatant with her desire to replace me. LOL.

And I was pissed, I was. She and I have never gotten along, never seen eye to eye, always bumped heads.

Then a switch flipped and I thought, what if this is my chance to leave. To stop teaching. To have that time to invest in my writing.

What if I just look at the situation differently?