I’ve been thinking Thursday…skill behind the wheel

If you’ve known me a while, which most of you haven’t, you know I’m pretty careful about the kiddo. For example, on long road trips, I set cruise control so I don’t speed. This is excruciating for me because I used to pride myself on beating my best long distance time, every time I road-tripped. But times they a change and I’ve had to change with them.

So picture the scene, I am driving a winding mountain pass at the speed limit with little effort. Hello, I live in the foothills of the Cascades. I drive winding mountain roads daily. I pass almost everyone on the road without speeding. Why? Because if you don’t do it daily, you don’t have those skills. The average car I pass is going 15-20 miles below the speed limit. Great. Know your limits, drive within them.

Then we get the straight away. I am still doing the speed limit (on cruise control), and all those cars I passed are flying by me at 80, 90, 100 miles an hour. I’m jealous, I admit it. But what comes to mind is this: if you can’t drive a curving pass at more than 40, you have no business doing a 100 anywhere. One car swerving slightly into your lane, one animal crossing the road, one unexpected lane change….you don’t have the skills to handle it. And bam, bang, boom, car crash.


774 miles

Yesterday I drove 774 miles with my six year old. And I’m alive enough to blog about it.

Kiddo and I have been doing road trips for years though, so I thought I knew exactly how it was going to go. I thought I knew so well in fact, that I wrote a blog post about it Thursday night that I could tweak just a little and post up last night when I got to my destination. Except I was wrong. Thank god for growth.

I assumed kiddo would sleep in because I wanted to leave early. He did.

I wanted to leave at 7AM and jokingly suggested in my blog that we would leave at 723. Frighteningly enough we did.

Then I wrote copious amounts comparing traveling with a small child to water torture. Except, it wasn’t this time. I gave kiddo a DVD player, my kindle, his tablet, a bag of snacks and an ice cooler of food and drinks and he barely said a word for 700 miles. It was glorious. I listened to a fluffy Meg Cabot audio book ( I love her ) then dove into the Murder Club, an intriguing non fiction book about detectives from various agencies coming together to solve impossible cold cases. A formal review to follow in the next week or so.

I will back up briefly and say that Thursday night my husband was like “you need a good night sleep, tomorrow will be a long day.” I agreed it was a long drive, then he said “and you’re going to Missy’s, that means a long night of drinking.” I told him they had plans and that I was just going to get there, put kiddo to bed, yoga, shower and hit the hay myself but I still accepted his offer of massage.

Turns out he was right. They bailed their plans, invited mutual friends over, and we drank and played Phase 10 til one AM. ROFL

Update for the week: 647 words on my spy novel. (19 weeks and 39, 353 words to go) I am behind. boo. and I’m traveling for the next two weeks with the kiddo. I’ll have to find a way to make it up. Although once I leave Missy’s on Monday, I’ll have some time. Going to the in-laws. They just want to see the kiddo anyway. I’ll smile, nod, and tinker on my laptop for a week.

So tell me, do you try to write while traveling or just leave it? And if you do write while traveling, how do you squeeze it in?