Fiendish Friday: When do the rules apply to you?

The other day I was driving in what I must say was particularly bad traffic. I was held up in one lane going up the mountain by a school bus letting children off. It happens. I, and a dozen other cars were waiting. What the school bus meant was I had plenty of time to watch what happened next.

Coming the other direction, a car was lagging, like 15 mph in a 45 zone. Probably on their phone. Several cars behind this driver decided to pass him. On a one lane each direction road. Across a double yellow. So they pulled into the opposite direction lane to go around this guy doing 15. Except the guy caught on and started speeding up. The third car trying to pass him is still in the opposite direction lane.

Both cars are accelerating towards the stopped line of cars behind the bus as the guy trying to pass illegally is still in the wrong lane. Neither driver is budging and they’re still coming towards the bus.

I seriously have to wonder. What are people thinking in that moment? I’m going to pass this guy even if it kills me and a school bus of children? I’m not letting this guy pass me even if it kills him and a school bus of children?

Why is it so hard for people to just drive in a reasonable manner?


Fiendish Friday: Insta-Karma

Insta-Karma is kind of like an Insta-pot. Things heat up fast and you have to be careful how you release that pressure.

I’m in Seattle with some friends, it’s Spring break so parking is hard to come by, and we end up in this little private garage that rents space. Price was decent. We go to the PacSci, have a great time, and return to our vehicle. As we are walking through the garage I notice a truck at the exit gate and a car behind him.

We all get snacks and waters and arrange ourselves in the mini van, taking some minutes, before we head for the exit.

The same truck is still at the gate, now 2 cars behind him, and a car in the next row over waiting as well.

My friend hops out of the car to see if she can find someone working this garage to help the guy in the truck. No go. She comes back alone. In the mean time, one of the people waiting behind the truck has gotten out to see if he can help, politely. We all have our windows rolled down listening. He’s super nice.

In the midst of all this, the woman in the car the next aisle over, starts SCREAMING at the guy in the truck. Name calling, rude, foul mouthed tantrum.

The guy in the truck backs up, then pulls a hard left, and backs into her aisle, blocking her.

The rest of us rapidly leave via the gate. You could hear her still screaming as we drove away.