Fiendish Friday: Summer Starter

For me summer officially starts tomorrow morning. Woohoo! I have a lot to do this summer. Two novels to finish to be exact. I know what you’re thinking, summer already?

Because I live in the PNW, I don’t gauge summer by silly things like the weather. We won’t see sun and 75 til who knows when. And because I home school, I don’t gauge summer by when the kiddo gets out of school. We, um, home school year round actually. LOL.

So I draw the line in the sand with the last day of co-op. Which is today. Tomorrow will be summer. Today is the day of goodbyes.

I hate the day of goodbyes.

Someone is always moving this time of year. And many kids go back to public school or on to private school or just decide the co-op is not for them. I never know if that smart kid with serious writing talent will come back next year. I even get nostalgic about the smart ass kid who challenges me daily.

Did I mention I hate goodbyes?

Usually when I must say goodbye, I just shut it down. I close off my emotions, keep the interaction short, and then cry privately later. I am not good at goodbyes.

Hours of classes and then a picnic to get thru…I might have to cry in public.

Did I mention I hate goodbyes?