Wednesday Words

Norwescon was last weekend. It stirred up a lot of thoughts and emotions for me this year. I’ll go into that in a moment but I also decided I was ready to talk about writing again on a regular basis. So Wednesday Words, this is your (re)birthday.

With the editing of others: Working on a book for a young woman in my writing class. 90K plus words of pure fantasy. You may have noticed, I don’t read fantasy, that’s because I don’t like fantasy. LOL. But she’s my student so I slog on. And yes before you ask I am being careful not to suggest she should remove things that are appropriate to fantasy while not appropriate in other genres.

With my own writing: Still rewriting the first chapter of my spy novel. I don’t have a lot of writing time, but I am working towards increasing that. I have been steadily moving the time I wake up back in 15 minutes increments. So the time available is actively growing. LOL

Side note: This is my 500th post to WordPress. Get on with me productive self.

Emotionally: Super conflicted about my writing right now. I feel like last year was such a let down. To publish a good solid book and have it go completely unnoticed by the world at large was painful. I was depressed a good chunk of the year (help along by some other personal issues). I don’t want to publish my spy novel, which is 4.5 years in the making, and feel the same. Which makes me wonder if I am emotionally cut out for the life of an author.

Topic for debate on my writing: To sex or not to sex. 

Most thrillers, which a spy novel is considered one, don’t have sex scenes. They have fade to black of various levels. Mine currently has two scenes and a fade to black. I tend to get one of two responses to this. Either A) MORE SEX! or B) Why is there sex in this book?

Should I buck the no overt sex in thrillers trend or change my scenes to a sooner fade to black option?