Writerly Wednesday: Short Stories

Greetings and Salutations! As you read this I am on a plane heading somewhere sunny and warm and boy am I ready for it.

My kindle is loaded with all sorts of short story collections as I pick out the material my students will study for the rest of the year. They have picked three genres to focus on: comedy(lord help me), alien sci fi/horror, and medieval fantasy. whew.

I have a sudden flash of understanding why teachers, when I went to school, ruled with an iron fist. It’s dangerous to let the kids have a say. LOL

I’m putting out a bat signal, if you have any shorts laying about that fit those categories, let me know. I’d love to bring some independent author’s work into our class. Widen their horizons.  And if you don’t have anything but know something good, tell me about it.

Wednesday Words 3.7

Cold but sunny. Makes it nice to write at the family computer in the kitchen. Warm with great views.

I spent a little too much time look at retirement property today. Given we’re still like 20-25 years from that. Sometimes you just have to look around while you can.

I finished a short for an anthology this morning. It’s off to my critique partners before I polish and send it to Dan. He’s running another contest this spring, enter if you like, and then putting together other anthology. The Box Under the Bed was the last one and it’s still doing well on Amazon.

I’ve been writing daily again. It’s been very enjoyable. I forgot how much fun it can be to create a world and some people and then make bad things happen to them so they can grow and change and have good things. LOL.

I recently made my writing students do a little exercise. I said “I want you to describe a fight for me.” Then I asked how many thought physical altercation and how many thought verbal sparring. Then I made them write the opposite of what came to mind. LOL. It’s all about stretching away from what’s comfortable to grow as an artist and person. Sometimes just moving forward even when I can’t any traction is all I can manage in the realm of personal growth.

What about you? Where do you need to grow? What can you do to challenge yourself a little?