Sunday Sup: Two for One Roast Beef

While I am off on vaca having my favorite poke (it rhymes if you say it just right, LOL), I give you an easy two for one meal.

Chop 3 small sweet onions, or one large and toss into a medium low skillet with olive oil or fat of your choice. Slice 12 crimi mushrooms and add to the pan as you go. Saute until soft.

Slice 12 oz roast beef into ribbons. Add to the softened veggies. Liberally splash in some Worcestershire sauce and McCormick’s Montreal Steak seasoning. Heat through.

Meal #1


Slice three bell peppers in half to create 6 fat wide boats. De-seed, rinse, and pat dry. Add a slice of cheese, havarti or provolone work well, pushing it into the bottom. Add a mound of meat and veg. Top with another slice of cheese. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes for slightly crunchy bells or 20 for softer ones.


This should use about half  your meat and cheese.

Meal #2


Warm up meat and veg, top with cheese of choice, I used a swiss gruyere blend, add a couple of fried eggs.

This was dinner and then brekkie for my family of 3 with a bit of left overs.