Sunday Sup: Roasted Zucchini Layers

I have no idea where the original for this came from. But I’ve been making it in one form or another for years. I have changed the amount of potato over the years. Originally I think the layers went potato, onion, potato, zucchini, etc but that’s way more starch than I like these days.

Zucchini Layers

Preheat your oven to 425.

Peel one medium russet potato. Thinly slice the potato, two zucchinis and one medium onion. Cut the onion in half first.

Layer, slightly over lapping, on a parchment papered sheet. Your call on the layers.

I do zucchini, onion, zucchini, potato, zucchini, etc. Top with dill Havarti cheese, shredded.

Baked 30-40 minutes, it depends on the thickness of your slices, until done. IMG_20171213_184029

Sunday Sup: Vegetarian and Others

I’m not sure quite where I got the idea for this meal. It’s super easy but has the advantage of meeting a lot of complicated situations. You’re going to a potluck and the host informs you half the guests are vegetarian. As a paleo consumer, now what do you do? Chicken kabobs in faux peanut sauce aren’t going to cut it.

Chop a variety of veg. I like onion, mushroom, zucchini, eggplant, and bell pepper. If you are feeling snazzy, you can marinate the onion, mushroom, and bell pepper ahead of time. Use a good balsamic, olive oil, and garlic. An hour is sufficient.

Preheat oven to 425, line a rimmed sheet with parchment. Put the zucchini and eggplant on first so when you pour the marinating veg out of the container and onto the pan the sauce gets on all the veg. Stir.

Roast 20 minutes. Stir. Roast 15-20 more depending on how done you like your veg.

Serve with a good garlic hummus. Or plain hummus. Or I suppose a yogurt tzatziki would work but I always feel like the pre-made isn’t all that tasty and I don’t want to chop all the herbs to make my own. LOL

If you have meat eaters, you can always put out some left over chicken or grill some sausage to accompany your veg meal.