Friday Fun: Wicked Fun

Greetings from my trip. I would like to call it a vacation but I read an article recently that was very clear: if you are on a trip with your child it is not a vacation. LOL. So let’s just call it taking the show on the road.

Speaking of road shows. Wednesday night I skipped write in and went out with some girlfriends. It was K’s birthday and we had dinner at the Tap Room and went to see Wicked at the Paramount Theater. About the Tap Room, hundreds of beers on tap. What I like, I don’t drink beer, is they have Wicked Baked Apple cider on tap. Yum! They also have an amazing Moscow Mule and mouth watering Calamari.

So on to the show. um….I really want to say I loved it. But I didn’t. The solo vocals were beautiful. Gorgeous voices, good lyrics. The ensemble vocals were less than stellar. I couldn’t understand the words and I wasn’t the only one.

The dancing. Oh god, the dancing. Fifty percent was turns, or spins if you want to be generous. Most of what came to mind was that Choreography scene from White Christmas where they are making fun of the loss of actual dancing in dance routines on stage. Yeah.

Moving on, the stage set was Awesome. Really intriguing construct of steel and screening.

The plot was good, but I did find myself thinking, all this over a guy, really?

Of course the sap in me was thrilled when Fierro and Elphaba sneak off together in the end to live in the spare castle together and in peace.

But still, all that over a boy. Laughing.

It is the last day of Camp Nanowrimo. I didn’t make goal. In fact, I don’t think I wrote the last three week on my spy novel. Ce la vie.

I am off with my friend to go to a Fusion class at her gym. With a little luck I won’t hurt anything important.