Wednesday equals write in

Greetings and Salutations my fine feathered friends in internetland. Yes, Yes I am feeling rather verbose tonight. and I have clearly been watching too much Phineas and Ferb with my son. There are worse things.

So tonight was our first weekly write in after holiday break. I was determined to get some work done despite the strong desire to chat my head off and catch up on weeks of accumulated tid bits from my writing family. I imported my word doc written novel into schrivner and prepared for serious revision. I soon got the idea that I should only break a section into a chapter after I had revised it, sort of a way to keep track of where I was from writing time to writing time. This worked brilliantly as I edited and added bits to my chapters. I caught little mistakes, made grammar corrections, and polished a bit where I though my characters were flat. I even caught a time line mistake. I also chatted and shared stories with my fam. LOL.

And then of course it happened. My brand spanking new laptop declared itself out of space. Seriously the only thing I have loaded is schrivner and my novel. That’s it. But 20g is full. WTF? As I pondered this insanity and started to go down the rabbit hole of space usage, my son started complaining he was tired and wanted to go home so I put the laptop in suspend and decided to deal with the space emergency later. But I am not happy. Not one stinkin bit.

Edited seven chapters tonight. Not bad. Not bad.

One thought on “Wednesday equals write in

  1. I was admiring your ability to stick to editing last night. I was like the dog/squirrel thing with attention span, but I guess at least Vicky and I were mostly discussing actual writing things like her in process submission excerpt and fairly concrete ideas for our latest writing project.

    SO sorry to hear about your space problem. Try malbytes to see if you’ve picked up a Trojan perhaps? Although they don’t generally….ah, is it possible you are saving and downloading software into a different drive (much smaller) than the main one? Just a thought…


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