I tried

I really tried to come up with a fun song about Friday that I liked and that I could play with the lyrics for tonight. Yeah. Not happening.

Clearly I have already used all the good Friday songs during Nanowrimo.

Friday morning’s I usually managed to go to the first half of the Friday write in. Today however, my son had a play date, where he went home on the bus with the other little boy, so I was free until 230. Damn, baby, Free from 835 til 230. I’d like to say I hardly knew what to do with myself but the truth is I was jamming from the second he got on that bus til I picked him up.

So the write in, first on my list. I’d like to say I maintained my fortitude and worked like a mad woman but the truth is I don’t tell lies of that magnitude. laughing. I opened my schrivner nano file and discovered that all my good work from Wednesday night was gone. At that moment I ordered a latte and spent an hour chatting with Alex.

I eventually got three chapters back to corrected form, I think, maybe. Ok, hell if I know.

I will never be ready for ABNA at this rate.

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