I wish the real world would just stop hasseling me…

As I was driving home from write in tonight I was thinking a lot about what I was going to write in my blog. The truth: edited 2 chapters tonight because I couldn’t stop debating the new Star Trek time line versus the old one long enough to get into a groove, was soooooooo boring. That isn’t even a post worthy of publishing. So as I was saying, I was thinking a lot and listening to Jack FM. I love Jack FM. 95% of the time it plays exactly what I want to hear. The other 5% it plays songs that are ok and on the rare occasion it plays something I don’t like well I flip over to the classical station which oddly enough is on the exact same frequency number as the one I listened to when I lived in Cali. Where incidentally I had 12 radio stations programmed because they all more or less sucked the vast majority of the time, so I listened to classical almost constantly. But here I have two stations: Jack and the classical.

Where am I going with this? This song came on. I don’t even know who sings it, but the guy is wondering about what it’s like to be different things. And one of the things he says is I wonder what it would be like if they all did just what I said. Of course this started me thinking about that. I don’t actually fantasize about my husband or son doing what I say but my characters in my novels. Now, if you don’t write you are probably thinking um isn’t that how it works, I mean you write the novels, you make up what they say and do. Shaking head, how little you know. If only it was that easy. I’ll let you in on a secret, my characters have minds of their own. They demand things. They insist on scenes and locations and refuse to work with other characters because they don’t like them right now. It’s a flippin three ring circus in their some days. In where you ask?

The dark corners of my mind where plots, characters, and witty repartee spring to life fully formed like Athena from Zeus’s head.


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