Yes, I know, I lied

I said I would post twice a week while editing and then I missed my second post last week.

I got sick. My husband brought home a nasty cold flu thingy on the plane after our Cali jaunt at New Year. Then he gave it to my son who, once ill, insisted on sleeping on my pillow until I got sick as well. The never ending joy of children.

So the truth is I haven’t written since last Wednesday’s write in. In fact I don’t think I even did any research while ensconced on the couch with tissue and chicken noodle soup(minus the noodles).

But I am now healthy (90% anyway and that’s as good as it gets for a mom). And tonight I got good editing in. Five more chapters. Only I’m a little worried about my time line. ABNA is going to open in about a month and I am still editing this mess for submission and I haven’t even started on my pitch. Oops. Ok. I got to get this together.

New plan.


Yeah, I got nothing. LOL.

The reality is I don’t know if I can pull off another month where all I do is write. November was a lot to ask of my family. Another “gee, honey I need to do it again for the next three weeks…” I’m thinking no.

So where can I scrape out say an hour a day when I am functional?

I think I will have to stop playing on facebook while I drink coffee in the morning. I think instead I will edit like the wind. I know what you are thinking and you might be right, I might be a lousy editor before a cup of coffee. But it will beat all the editing I am not doing right now, hands down.

I won’t win ABNA. I am good with that. But I do want to get far enough along that I get feedback and to have any chance of that, I need to actually finish. Time for serious effort.

Talk to you soon with an update.

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