Monday Book Review: I’ve Got Your Number

After my disappointment with Wedding Night I decided to remind myself why I adore Sophie Kinsella by grabbing I’ve Got Your Number to entertain me on this last trip. I’ve read it before, but it’s been long enough that I could enjoy the story while driving through five wild fires, yes, I said five. That wasn’t a typo.

I’ve Got Your Number entertains by crossing a line most people would consider beyond the pale. Imagine two people sharing an in-box on their cell phone. Messages and emails available for viewing. Sharing. Now imagine the other person is a perfect stranger. How long would you remain strangers with this level of forced intimacy?

When Poppy loses her priceless family heirloom engagement ring just before her fiance’s parents are due to return from the states and has her cell phone stolen in the frantic search for the ring, she decides she has no choice to but to appropriate a cell phone she finds in a bin. After all they threw it away, right? It’s now public property. Hilarity ensues.

℘℘℘℘℘ – 5 pages. I listened in two sittings, ha-ha. I have read many other things by this author and will continue to try out whatever I find at the library by her. It’s definitely a beach read or listen. A note about the audio production, fab on this one. None of the issues I had in Wedding Night.

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