Weekend Workshop: Sunday Edition

I didn’t like the scene Lucey wanted me to rewrite for Chapter 11 of Story Sense. If you’re interested it’s about immigrants moving across America on a train. Bleh.

Instead I spent some time rewriting my own novel, the one I am aiming to publish this year, in about oh 6 weeks. Gulp.

I have 4 sets of Beta feedback. Three give some measure of major issues wrong. One is a full line edit. I am combining each of these with my work. So I read word for word the line edits while double checking the other three for their comments on a particular chapter. It takes a varying amount of time. Some chapters fly by in half an hour. Some take eons. At the same time I catch little mistakes that even my line editor missed. LOL. I’m about 31 chapters in, if you’re wondering.

All of this has given me a weird problem. Everyone seems to really like the book. um….It’s my first novel. Everything I have read has prepared me for my first novel to suck. To need major rework before I could even consider publication and yet….

Should I just file this under first world author problems and shut up you bleep bleep or….do I need more critical beta readers? Thoughts?

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