Thursday is apologies?

I know I missed my Wednesday Writer’s cafe the last two weeks. I’ve been running the blog on autopilot. But I think I am out of the fog now.

So I’m just gonna run it down quick and easy for you.

-Got my first pass critique back. It was bad. I won’t lie. Started rewriting my disaster of a book. I suspect it will take several passes on this one. Publication may or may not happen this fall as planned. I’ll keep you updated.

-February Nano to Publish class went well. The follow along summary will be up this weekend.

-I got sick twice in the last 3 weeks, throwing off my yoga schedule but I’m back on track.

-We reorg’d the coop and now I will be the VP of Education. Fun role, I hope.

-Somehow I am now teaching three classes at the coop next year, LOL. Assuming I get kids who want the classes I am offering, but one is a lock for sure. The other two, we’ll see.

Most everything else is ticking over. I could talk about getting a water restoration company out to look at the wall or taking my son in for a dyslexia eval but that would just be more words you have to read. LOL

Go outside, enjoy the sun if you have some.

4 thoughts on “Thursday is apologies?

  1. Glad to hear you’re perking up a bit. We missed you at cafe’…but I get it. There’s only so much one can do and sometimes rest is a must. I’m in full swing on my revision after critique. I’m very aware of how short the timeline is for the amount of work I have before me. But I am so motivated by your class, and I want to thank you for the energy you are putting in there. I’ve never moved forward this quickly on my writing, and it is great to be supporting another writer in the process as well. It’s a great class! Thanks again. 🙂

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