Book Review; Bookends

I’m still doing that thing where I reread books of comfort by some of my favorite authors to soothe me out of my funk. This week I bring you Bookends by Jane Green. Jane Green has a variety of novels all with a vaguely familiar theme. Woman finds herself amidst the confusion of life. It’s a theme you would know I heartily embrace if you had read my novel.

So why Bookends when Jane has so many fine novels? I think because the main character is me on some level. I identify hugely with her. Cath has a great job, good friends she feels close to and that complete her life. She’s always been the ugly duckling, and no she doesn’t turn into a swan, I shudder to think. She had a stunningly attractive best friend in her youth which never helped her low self esteem. Despite the fact that she’s fab at her job, she hates it. Then one of her closest friends suggest they do what Cath has always wanted and open a bookstore. That’s always been one of my secret desires, back when brick and mortar bookstores still existed anyway. And yes I was the ugly duckling to a woman who pulled every man in a 50 mile radius in my youth. And yes, I have had more than one career I rocked while hating it desperately.

Anyway as the novel progresses they open the book store, deal with the past, and tackle some complications in the present. And yes, the book ends with Cath content with herself and her life. Call that a swan ending if you please. But isn’t that what we all want, to be content with ourselves and our lives each day?

℘℘℘℘℘ – Five Pages. Well written, amusing, good dialogue. A bit dated now, since the book is set in the 90s, ouch that’s 20 years ago, but still, people are humans. LOL.

5 thoughts on “Book Review; Bookends

  1. I feel so aged right now. I know the 90’s was long ago, but sometimes I’m still wondering what happened to the 80’s. Anyway, I think today’s novelist is opening their own bookstore. We just need to make it a coffee shop on the side, and sell knick-knacks too.

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