Book Review: Something Borrowed

Back to a comfort book, one can only move forward so quickly before needing to pause to allow the brain to catch up. LOL. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin is one half of a story of two friends, Rachel and Darcy.

My reading of the books has changed over the years, more on that on Friday, but one thing hasn’t changed. This book makes me laugh every time. It’s well written, compelling reading. Emily Giffin knows people and she writes about them in an engaging manner.

The simple plot: girl meets boy, thinks she isn’t good enough for him so hooks him up with her perfect best friend. Seven years later girl discovers she and boy have something. Too bad he’s engaged to said best friend.  Entertaining calamity ensues.

℘℘℘℘+: four and a half pages. I thoroughly enjoy this and Something Blue, the companion novel (more about that next week). I have read other things by this author and while they are well written they don’t speak to me like Borrowed and Blue.

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