Raw Friday

No fiendish humor today just raw honesty. I was really grateful for the A to Z Challenge in April, I had a lot going on and it was nice to have that all taken care of. Then things got real.

My hubby woke up one Monday morning having lost the ability to see out of his right eye.

I’ll give that a minute to sink in.

He called the advice nurse who told him to go to the ER. We have a smallish kiddo so I dropped the hubs at the hospital door and drove on to the coop. Gotta maintain for the kiddo. The kiddo went to classes and I taught, conversed on coop business, and arranged play dates as though all was well.

All was not well.

Saw a specialist on Tuesday and turns out he as a branch retinal artery occlusion. The vision loss is permanent and luckily not a total in his right eye, he has peripheral vision. The not well part is this is not based in the eye, it has a cause in someone as young as my hubs and the list of possibilities run the gambit from the obscure and practically impossible in my hubs: sickle cell, to the grim and deadly: leukemia, lymphoma, blood clots in his neck, heart, or lungs, lupus…the list goes on to a stack 1/4 inch thick of pages.

More tests.

More waiting.

More time.

More fear. More fear. More fear.

And then finally, it was all ok. Total random occurrence. They can’t find anything wrong with him. All the results are normal. He can resume his life.

We’re on a cruise in Hawaii right now. Amazing how much dearer these family times become when you just almost lost your family.

13 thoughts on “Raw Friday

  1. Oh my God! I’m so glad to hear that his testing was clear. My gut hurts for you after that prolonged period of waiting in fear. My prayers are with you all and offering up some in gratitude as well! I’m sure the vision loss is still quite an adjustment. Hugs to all of you!

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  2. Tara, I held my breath through your entire post, then had to cry for you guys. I am so glad no nasty underlying cause was found. I’m praying for his adjustment. Grateful with you!! Love you all!

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