Fiendish Friday: Cards Against Humanity

I’m traveling with the kiddo. Every year around this time we make the rounds, visiting family for our niece’s birthday, then seeing friends from when we used to live in California. Sometimes we tie it all up with a trip to Park City, Utah (more friends) before we head home. We’re skipping Park City this year for a couple of reasons, but largely because I need to be back home in time to get my cruddle together for Maple Valley Days. FreeValley Publishing, the author cooperative I joined this year, has a booth at the festival, and I’m working it.

So first stop on our trip was at my friend Missy’s. She lives by Sac and I can make it to her place in one shot, twelve hours, driving. Yes the kiddo can car trip that long, it’s amazing what unlimited DVD, video game time, and snacks will make possible. LOL. Missy has slightly older kids. They’re pretty self sufficient and they absorb mine into the fold when we get there. It’s as close as it comes for me, to two days without a kiddo. Generally we drink too much and hang out in the pool. We play Phase Ten when the sun goes down and drink some more. We cook. We eat. We usually end up clothes shopping, such a cliché, but I really like a store by her house and we don’t have one where I live.

This year Missy and co introduced me to Cards Against Humanity. You thought I forgot didn’t you? LOL. I have no idea how I managed not to play this game before. I’d heard of it’s existence. It just never happened. Well now it did. We laughed our asses off. And I have to say being a writer really helps in that game. So does a number of Moscow Mules. I love the fact that the game encourages you to be dirty. I am always at my funniest just on the verge of being inappropriate. Or maybe I’m deluded and I’m way over the edge.

So back to how being a writer helps: The card read out loud was….I got referred to HR for a situation involving (blank), (Blank), and allegedly (Blank).

I had a number of options in my hand and ultimately chose the following cards. The Care Bear Stare, Sean Penn, and 3 penises at once.

Now how would you fill in those blanks?

Uh huh. Think about it.carebear

I chose: I got referred to HR for a situation involving Sean Penn, 3 penises at once, and allegedly the Care Bear Stare.

Seriously, I almost made someone pee their pants laughing with that. You can’t prove the Care Bear Stare. You can’t. Some things are too much to admit.

What’s your fave Cards Against Humanity win?

4 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Cards Against Humanity

  1. The first time I played that game, when it was my turn to pick the winning card someone handed me the “firing a shotgun into the air while balls deep in a squealing hog” card. I started reading it out loud before I’d scanned all the way through and totally lost it midway.

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