Book Review: Gone with the Wool

I love Betty Hechtman. Seriously, she just writes happy little books. Sure people die in them but someone is always found out and gets punished for it. Maybe I was twisted early on by Agatha Christie, or maybe I was just twisted already and that’s why I liked murder mysteries at age 8. But something about Betty’s books just makes me smile in that warm and content manner.

Gone with the Wool is no different from her other delights. It’s easy on the eyes. Amusing on the brain. There are no dangling questions of life and liberty. Just the simple crime, solve, justice set up. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Gone is from the Yarn Retreat Mysteries which focuses on Casey, a 35 year old wanderer who inherits her aunt’s house and yarn retreat business even though she knows nothing about knitting. But Casey makes a place for herself in the sleepy sea side town, baking for some restaurants and putting on retreats several times a year. The problem for Casey, and the fun for us, is someone is always getting murdered at her retreats. LOL. I wouldn’t go, even if I knitted. Although everyone who gets murdered is heinously unpleasant, so I probably would escape death. LOL.

Casey always finds herself embroiled in the mystery, even when she is determined to stay out of things. And she always solves the crime. Mostly by letting people talk to her and listening to what they are and are not saying.

℘℘℘℘℘ – Five Pages. I read everything Betty puts out. My only complaint is she takes her time. I want more books. But I admire the finished product. What a catch 22.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Gone with the Wool

  1. > Seriously, she just writes happy little books.

    Reminds me a little of Bob Ross. There is definitely a need in this world for happy little things.

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