Wednesday Words 5.16

A couple of weeks ago I gave my writing class an in class essay to complete. They had a month’s notice to research and they could write any type of essay on any subject they chose.

I expected the papers would still kind of suck, I mean they’re 10-14 years old, this isn’t Pulitzer here.

Surprisingly, they weren’t half bad. Some were even quite good. One poor kid I have made rewrite his paper 3 times because he is so close to turning in an amazing paper. And not “amazing for his age”, but as in, any prof I had in college would give him an A for it paper. (He’s eleven by the way. Someday he will get a Pulitzer. He better thank me in his acceptance speech.)

So I say to the class as I am handing them back, because you have to babble as you walk around the room handing back papers, it’s like a rule, “Either I am an incredible teacher or you guys are naturally talented because these papers were really good.”

Instantly the smart ass says, “I’m naturally talented.”

At the same time another student says, “You are an incredible teacher.”

oh jeez kid. really?


Side Note: I am writing on book 2. It’s still happening.

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