Fiendish Friday: The Internet is Down Again

A guest post on a blog I follow reminded me this morning of one of the funniest moment’s in my tech career. Lots of serious things happened over the years.

A server farm crashing enough disks that an entire 3 year research project was gone. (I got it back from tape.)

The CFO who asked me if I enjoyed spending my time on my knees under people’s desks. (yes, full ick factor there)

Collecting technology from their desks, while a 600 person division was finding out they were laid off. (that day needed a very long trip to happy hour)

But early on in my career when I was just a little baby tech geek….

I got a call early one morning from my boss. The CEO had just called him ranting about the Internet being down, again. (eyeroll)

Apparently the VP of Sales couldn’t get on-line for the third morning in a row. Why this woman couldn’t have just called me, I don’t know. I guess she needed to feel important, so she called the CEO at home. Should I throw in his wife had just had a new baby? LOL. So you can imagine what the CEO said to my boss….

To give Jason, my boss, his full credit, he was very restrained on the phone with me. He did not shout, scream, swear, or otherwise vent his frustration. This was the third day in a row and we had done everything under the sun. Including running fresh cable to her desk the day before and I don’t just mean giving her a fresh cable to plug into the wall. As in: up the wall over the ceiling, to the switch, from the switch to the server room, FRESH CABLE.

I walk to her office. She is steaming and ranting and all but throwing things. I take a look at her desk. Pick up the network cable and plug it into her laptop.

There is instant silence and then she starts to bribe me with things “Just don’t tell (CEO).”