I’ve been thinking Thursday: Too Funny

I recently visited my “sister.” Long weekend, the two families hanging out, playing games, drinking and eating too much. Did a fun escape room, shout out to #Beattheroom in Rocklin. Awesome job on Deep Space!

Anyway, one night sitting around the table, the topic slides to the military and my sister says….

It’s all about the inability to communicate.

We nod sagely and inebriated (being honest here). She continues…

If you tell the Marines to secure a building, they will blow it up, nothing but rubble left.

If you tell the Army to secure a building, they will surround it and take custody of everyone inside.

If you tell the Navy to secure a building, they will turn off all the lights and lock the doors.

If you tell the Air Force to secure a building, they’ll sign a lease with an option to buy.

ROFL for days about that.