Another one bites the dust….

It was a cold and rainy Monday here in the Pacific Northwest. Another day without a write in and I’m feeling the withdrawal. There is something to really be said for the group camaraderie and the bursts of inspirations I get from having other toiling authors right there in the thick of it with me. Thankfully tomorrow is a meet up day. Two hours of writing delight with my fellow nanowrimos. I need that extra bit of brilliance I find when I am word warring with good friends. I am behind. Not far behind but just a pinch.

On the other hand, I did do good work today. On Mondays I volunteer in the library where my son goes to school. Today I told the librarian all about Nano. Can you believe she hadn’t heard of it? And her a librarian. I am sure the books are considering holding it against her. It is only her second year on the job, so maybe we can cut her a little slack.

Time spent writing: 45 minutes.

Time spent waxing poetic about nano: 45 minutes

Words written: 1059 I’ll spare you the words spoken count.

Cumulative total: 3758 or 7.5%

Line that doesn’t need editing:

I heard muffled laughter from throughout the room. Well really, if you had a large pile of stones in the country and a lot of family that descended for the holidays, you put on plays to fight off boredom while inevitably snowed in.

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