Beauty of the Unexpected

Today was one of those days where nothing goes as planned and yet it all turns out better than you planned.

It started with this morning when I awoke to the sound of my son coughing up a lung and sniffling next to me in bed. Not a good sign. The three of us discussed the situation and decided he would stay home sick from school. This meant I had to cancel his afternoon play date. But I had an appointment to get the oil changed in my husband’s car, or so I thought.

So I pack up a back pack of dvds and the player, and my kindle, and my laptop, and a small metric ton of snacks and off we go to the car place. The next unexpected, the car is due for it’s 60K maintenance. Um ok, let’s do that. Since I don’t have to be back home in time to meet the bus, sick kid is with me, I have the time. We pick a nice little bunch of chairs with a table and ,my kiddo starts a dvd and is happily snacking. I start writing.

Out comes the customer service guy. The rear brakes on my husband’s car are down to 2mm. Um, yeah, let’s replace those.

Two hours at the car dealership. I write like the wind.

We come home, kiddo and I nap together. The fireplace guy shows up and fixes the fireplace. I am half an hour later to the write in but avoid all traffic by being so. And because I had that nap, again I write like the wind.

The way my day was originally planned, I had to rush to the car place, rush back to get kiddo and little friend. Host play date all afternoon. The drive my tired ass to the write in. The unexpected was way better.

Writing time: 90 minutes at the car dealership. 90 minutes give or take a lot of chatting at the write in.

Words today: 2503

Cumulative Total: 28891 or 57.8% (2782 behind)

Scene for the day:

“Lady Margaret, can I be frank with you?”

“Of course.”

“I have no interest in marrying you. I am already wedded to my work.”

I smiled. “Then why did you come this weekend?”

“You aren’t the only one beholden to an overbearing mother.”

I laughed.

“What if we joined forces to make this weekend a little less boring for both of us.”

“Why, your lordship, what are you proposing to a young innocent such as myself.”

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