Thursday’s Suck

I don’t know what it is about Thursday but I never get more than a few words written. Seriously, the first Thursday of Nano, zero words. The only day I haven’t written FYI. The next one, 6 words. This one was only marginally better and I am not sure it should count since I feel it was total crud and I will probably delete it all in the editing phase, otherwise known as December and January.

Thursday. Bah.

Time Writing today: 30 minutes (at the car dealership again, maintenance on the other car)

Words Written: 607 (more than I thought)

Cumulative Total: 29498 or 59% (3842 behind)


I rang the bell and Wadsworth answered with a smile I knew was for me. “Lady Margaret” he paused, “and guest.”

“Good afternoon Wadsworth. This is Patrick Dumount, my friend.”

Wadsworth inclined his head to Patrick in greeting. “Your parents are in the lounge. Shall I announce you?”

“No thank you Wadsworth.” I handed him my coat, gloves, and scarf. Patrick handed over his coat and hat with a slight expression of distaste.

As we walked away he leaned in, “You are terribly friendly with your servants.”

I was briefly puzzled by his attitude. “Wadsworth has been a friend for as long as I can remember.”

My answer clearly puzzled Patrick. Perhaps it was his upbringing, the lower middle class liked the class distinction to be maintain rigidly.

Character of the day: You still aren’t ready for Cooper. You must suffer with Patrick a bit longer. Cooper this weekend I promise. Remind of what Patrick looks like in my mind.


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