the one where I continue the good fight

ok the reality is, my kiddo is sick, I am fighting this thing off, and still getting words into my computer. I am doing ok.

Are they as many words as I would like? No. Will I win Nano this year? You bet your ass I will.

I have a double write in day tomorrow, a write in Sunday, one Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday – extra long write in.

And really I have one of those amazing supportive husbands who will let me write all next Saturday and Sunday if I need to.

So I will win this year. Have no doubt about that. It’s just a little ugly right now.

Time writing today: 90 minutes at write in, minus 15 to go buy Christmas Train tickets, minus eating time as I didn’t get breakfast before I left the house, minus intriguing discussions about where my characters are heading with Alex and Vicki. Whatever that adds up to…

Words written today: 389

Cumulative total: 29887 or 59.8% (5120 behind)

No scenes today. Nothing got finished enough to post. But looking at this, I know what I need to do.

I will break 40K by the end of the weekend. Who’s with me.

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