It’s Saturday night, I feel alright

ok it’s really Saturday morning but if I am going to make it to 10K this weekend I need that extra bit of impetus.

I am at the morning write in and starting the clock right this minute with a word sprint.

The time is 1237 and my word count is 29922.

While you are tuning in to check my progress, think about what I should call this novel…I’m taking suggestions til the end of the month.

233PM check in.

Today’s first write in is over. My word count is 30812. I am wrapping things up here and getting ready to move locations to our next venue. That will be half Thanksgiving potluck (I’m bringing my child and a cheesecake-both homemade) and half write in. I’ll update you all later. Keep thinking about that title.

6PM at the second write in. I’ve been picking away at the words all afternoon in between talking to my writing family and nibbling on an amazing thanksgiving feast. Current word count 31459.

745P check in. I’m heading out from the second write it. I plan to add some more words when I get home.

Current count 32012

Ok so I am finally home. And totally wiped out. I wrote 2125 today. I am currently at 64%. (4662 words behind)

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