If it’s Wednesday it must write in time again

And if it’s the last Wednesday before the end of Nano, it’s multiple writing opportunities through out the day, so this will be a multiple edit post.

Wrote for 45 minutes this morning, while listening to my dogs fight with each rather than the cat. Progress? I guess so.

1194 Words.

Off to Yoga so my back and shoulders can handle the several more hours of writing I have scheduled today. Talk to you soon.

Just got back from an Hour and a half at Kids Bounce. I normally hate this place. It’s a popular play date destination due to the constant rain here most of the fall, winter, and spring. But it’s so loud you practically have to scream to talk to anyone. Today we had no play date scheduled. So I wrote. woohoo. Despite balancing my laptop, screaming kids, and kiddie music popping over the whole mess.

Check off another 1700 words. Bam.

Finished up the Wednesday of multiple writing sessions with our standard Wednesday night write in at Jay Berrys. They are so nice to us here. They put up with the hours we hog tables and even smile politely when one of the kids knock a glass off the table and it breaks in the middle of the dinner rush. And yes that was my kid.

Total writing time: I think around four hours. I had two hours before I came to the official write in tonight but then I think I chatted more than I wrote.

Words for today: 3744

Total Words: 43432 or 86.9% (Not behind)

Scene for the day:

When I filled Lila in on the previous night’s happenings, she was prosaic. “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

“I don’t see what in bloody hell Plato has to do with it.” I was irritated beyond belief with her this morning. Although if I was being honest I was just irritated beyond bloody hell full stop this morning.

“Unless you plan to roll over and die, the battle is only over if you want it that way.”

“If you have any more brilliant ideas, I am all ears. Short of taking out a column in the newspaper name advertising I am not engaged to Patrick Dumount and never will be, I really have nothing left.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Lila sounded amused.

“Yes, it is.” I ate a chocolate and waited for her next stroke of genius.

Lila helped herself to a chocolate and made thinking noises. This was not a good sign. She had never produced a single stroke of genius while thinking.

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